Anda & Bogdan (Love Session // Baia Mare)

Meet Anda + Bogdan!

This was a long-awaited wedding, Anda being an old friend of mine, meeting her on the first day of college. Or the second, I can`t really remember. Anyways, it was one of those days and we got along really well really soon. I still remember the first finals, the first roman law exam (wink wink Anda), the first failed exam, the first shooting with her and all those stuff like it was yesterday.  Oh, to be young and restless!

She told me about Bogdan since we first met, how they met, how he was an awesome pilot, but I didn`t get the chance to meet them together until the night before their wedding, but they are so cute together. The funny thing is that, 5 or 6 years later, I got to shoot their wedding, and even if I `m sceptical about shooting family or friend`s  weddings and events, for various reasons, more obvious or not, she always encouraged me to do what I love and become a photographer, so I couldn`t say no when she kindly asked me to capture this for them!

I`m happy I got to do this, and these are some of my favourite pictures, and I hope they love them as much as I do!

This is the sunnier after wedding session, enjoying the sun that was missed on their wedding day, with all the beautiful greens of the summer and dusk of the golden hour. Oh, some of my favourite tones+ you can`t really notice all the bugs and little bees that crawled all over underneath her dress, or the mosquitos that were biting us all over. I think we handled them for 10 minutes, after which we ran for our lives to the next field!

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