Vama Veche on Film, Summer of 2017

Before starting this, I just want to say how happy I am that WizzAir finally connected Cluj to Bucharest by plane and I don`t need to travel 12 hours by train to see our mighty capital. Let`s take a moment to celebrate!

2017 marked the year I went to the sea and I didn`t get to swim into the sea. I`ve been going here for the last 21 years, I learnt how to swim and fell in love with it here, but never ever in my life have I entered into such a cold water. Maybe I had very high expectations from the weather on the 4th of July, or maybe we just caught some cold streams those 3 days.

Even if the weather wasn`t quite delightful with us, I got a chance to play with my film camera a little bit more, shot quite a few rolls because I wanted to try out different kind of exposures to see how things will turn out, and fashionably forgetting to take off the polarizing filter or adjust the exposure according to it.  I kinda ruined my entire rolls, being to underexposed, but I still managed to get some nice shots and correct them a bit in Lightroom. Oh well, that`s film for you. And nonetheless, I still adore the pictures!

A little photoshoot with the ladies was required! Tradition is tradition. (You can check older posts and see that I`ve taken pictures here before, as is one of my favourite places to see the sunset – though it was too cloudy this time.

Hiding from the rain and petting cats can be quite an activity. And add to that melons, beer and weird cati plant holders.

Photographing strangers on film can be quite a challenge because it`s sometimes harder to focus and meantime they might look directly at you. Like that guy that I found kinda cute. Usually, I`m “supposedly” photographing my friend sitting next to me, working wonders every time, but practice makes it perfect. So beware.

There`s a VERY nice campsite in Vama Veche called Sandalandala (yeah, I know, It got me some time to get it right too), where we stayed a few years ago and this year I ate one of the best pasta I had in my entire life. I don`t know if it was the hunger or not, but they were heaven.