Teo {Portrait, Cluj-Napoca}


So I`ve been thinking if I should post these pictures or not, since most of them are a little bit overexposed and all the trolls would go crazy if they saw a burned picture, but I like them too much not to post here.

The post is a little bit incosistent with the editing and the pictures + I need to learn not to combine so many outfits in one shoot. For example, for this one we combined 4 and, of course, when you look at them you like a few pictures from each single outfit, but when you put them together they just do not look right. At least for me. Well, that`s something I need to work at apparently.

Anyways, I`m starting to enjoy more and more really bright and full of light pictures, they look so delicate and elegant. I think you`ll see more of them here in the near future.

Have a nice day! <3