Styled Bridal Shooting (Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca)

Sometime around this time last year, I collaborated with some lovely girls for a styled shooting at the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca. I rarely shoot indoors, since I primarily use natural light, and finding a big spacious room filled with lots of beautiful light is hard to get by in Cluj, but I never tried the Art Museum so I said why not (and don`t get me wrong, I would looove to shoot more indoors). Of course, on the day of the shooting, outside was pouring rain and dark clouds, so I was left with little light to work with, until the end of the shooting when the sun came up and the museum was closing. I rest my case here since I know that every natural light photographer will get my pain.

The lovely people involved in this shooting are as follow:

Bridal Gowns: Natalia Vasiliev

Models: Diana, Manuela & Eliza

Hair Accessories: Raluca Bridal Accessories

Make-Up: Oana Trif & Ramona Bogdan

Hair-Style: Betty Raducan Salagean  & Anah Rotaru

Location: Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca