People from Jamestown Road, 165 A. {Travel, 2012}

These are the people that I lived with all summer long. We shared a house with a beautiful big porch by a golf, coffee every morning, a lot of Natural Ice and many bottles of Fleischmann`s!

Every morning begins with a cup of coffee on the porch, work talks and hangover eyes.
Some of us steal shopping carts from the local grocery store so we can buy alcohol from the local liquor store.
…and, after the shopping went really well…
…some of us are really happy…
…or some of us spent too much money.
From time to time, we find a drunk american chick to take a picture with…
…or an american flag, and take a picture with it.
…or sometimes you just take a picture with yourself.
Usually, people go to work in the afternoon…
….or come from work in the afternoon
…and rush to their other job…
…but not before they take another silly picture!
Sometimes, we get visited by guys who look like this! And you say to yourself…dude,wtf?!
…or friends who live close by.
…when it gets really hot, you can entertain yourself!
…take your bike for a ride.
…or enjoy the sunset and have a cigarette!
Sometimes, we wanna party, but a major hair disaster comes along..
…but we have Bianca to save the situation!
…and more of Bianca…
…who sometimes gets sick.
After so much work you just give up and end up doing this…
…bite Bruno`s ear…
…or do this.
After a long summer, the only two underaged people have to take a pictures together…
…and sum up the day chillin`  on the porch!
It was an amazing summer, living with these guys in the house. I would do it again, that`s for sure, and I`m gonna miss them all deeply!

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