Whose this girl?

Yellow! I’m Ralu and I am the girl behind the lens. Being a full-time photographer is a dream of mine that came true mostly because of people like you who invited me into their homes and souls and allowed me to capture some of the most important moments of their lives.

One of my earliest memories is me, looking through old photographs of my parents and pictures of beautiful places in all sorts of books and falling in love with the images. Somehow, a few years later I am able to give newlyweds, families or regular people like me and you their memories in photographs. I can give them their first look at their wedding, their first kiss as husband and wife or their first family picture and I’m telling you, this is one of the biggest satisfactions that this job can offer.

I feel blessed for doing what I love the most in life, capturing moments for people to hold dear forever and I want to tell as many beautiful stories as I can.

I want to capture love as it is, beautiful and authentic, no matter who and how they share it #loveislove.

I want to capture joy because we all need a drop of this in our lives.

And I want to capture adventure because life’s too short to watch Netflix all day long.

A few random stuff about the girl.

♡ I am a bit clumsy (‘a bit’ is an understatement), so I totally embrace it as a way of living and I’m proud of it.

♡ Since I was little I knew I could live only by eating watermelon all day long.

♡ I’m a true Game of Thrones geek (I still believe Jon Snow knows nothing), a Gilmore Girls fangirl and I probably have seen Friends 8 times.

♡  I want a dog and a van one day in my life.

♡  I get teary eyes during ceremonies so try not to make direct eye contact.