From OC, With Love {Travel, 2012}

 These are bits and pieces from my summer in the USA. I went there to work for the summer, as a beach portrait photographer (which was not as exciting as it sounds), for almost four months. I was working like crazy, from morning `till midnight and I didn`t have much time to take pictures, but when I used to have a little time for myself…I never forgot to bring Jimmy with me. Enjoy <3
So this is Ocean City, with it`s beautiful boardwalk, blue ocean , dreamy beach houses and crazy drunk americans.
 Hahaa, happy Irish people, enjoying football victory!
Soon after I arrived there my manager took me to a short trip to Aassateague Island, a beautiful State
 Park with wild horses wandering on it`s beach.
Soon after this trip I started working two jobs  and the only free moments I had were my mornings or afternoons off, when I used to sleep, skype with my close ones, do my laundry, buy food and go to to the ocean from time to time. I wish I could have enjoyed the city more, but I`m glad I was smart enough to take my bike from time to time and enjoy the sunsets over the golf!
This was our home view! <3 In the left we had the beach and in the right a beautiful golf.
And our neighbourhood, where sometimes we used to jump in the water, or just enjoy the summer nights.
Sometimes, in my afternoons off, I used to take my bike and explore Ocean City. And this is what I`ve got!
Beautiful sunsets!
Pretty neighbourhoods!