Gabriela {Portrait, Cluj-Napoca}


Sometimes, you don`t need hours and hours of shooting to take some photographs. Sometimes, the impromptu shootings are the best.

I know Gabi since high school, like all of my models on the other hand, haha, but somehow, during the years, we lost touch. Actually, that`s what happens when people delete their Facebook. But a few months ago she found me on Instagram and I was thrilled! I had a busy summer with no time for personal shootings, and I said we have to take some pictures even if it.s for half of hour. And that.s what happened. We planned a longer shoot in the weekend but I had to leave the city, so we only had a couple of minutes before my bus left on a Saturday morning. She had this gorgeous blue dress, her beautiful goldie locks and a natural beauty, as always.  And here it`s the result ♥