Roxana&Vio {Wedding, Bistrita}


This August I had the honor to photograph these 2 lovely people`s wedding. I know Roxi since we were in high school and I once wrote her on Facebook to model for me and she said yes! I know that it was summer, we went to the river close to my home and took pictures in the water all day long. Ooh, and now I`m a little bit nostalgic and miss  summer break and highschool. Oh well, who would have thought that 7-8 years later I would photograph her wedding.

Next summer I`ll have a few more weddings for friends of mine, all those shootings in high school finally pay off, haha. Kidding…but its a nice feeling when you remember them telling you  "ooh, when I`mgonna get married youll be the one to photograph it" and years later it actually happens.  


When you take a break from shooting and appear in pictures for once in your life!484950515352545559-159606162636566676869717275767779808182838485