Floral Sunet (Cheile Tureni)

I was sitting here, thinking about what I should write so I can tie this post together, and then I remembered that almost all of my collaborations with Ana and Ada go like this: me, browsing the internet (drolling on Pinterest actually), me sending all kinds of pretty pictures with pretty dresses to Ana, both of us thinking of a photo shoot, Ana going overboard and making her dresses even more beautiful that I imagined…and both of us asking ourselves ‘huh, I wonder what Ada is being up to, I bet she wants to take some pictures’.

So basically this is how we came up with the idea for this photo shoot, but I must admit that, besides the pretty dress and model, I was kinda excited about this location and beautiful light that I was lucky enough to capture. I`m a sucker for sunset light, I bet I said a million times already, under all its forms. You know, it`s a bit stronger just before the sun starts to go down, it`s perfect when it`s just a little bit left on the horizon, and dusky just after you can`t see it anymore. For me, it`s a beautiful dance for soft pinks and yellows, harsh shadows and cool blues and purples, dusky skin tone and a feeling of complete silence. Even if it lasts only about 30 minutes, you can sometimes capture the most beautiful things. So this post is dedicated to the beautiful sunset light, thank you very much for making my pictures lovely every time!


Clothing: Ana from ANAclothing

Model: Ada Pop from Fabric Outlkook Blog

Jewelry: Alesandrina from Alesandrina