Adi & Alina ( Destination Summer Wedding // Bazos, Timisoara)

So here is one of my 2017 weddings that is very dear to me!

It was Easter, I think, when Alina contacted me, we talked on the phone and I was hooked when she told me she will have an outdoor wedding and a flower crown. I think that one of the reasons I got into wedding photography is all the flowy dresses, pastel shades, flowers and fairy lights. You can sometimes create fairytales with your pictures, and that`s what I want to do.

I travelled to Timisoara for the first time in my life (boy, long ride from Cluj) where I met Alina&Adi, two very warm and beautiful people, which whom I got along great although I met them just one day before their wedding.
Their event took place at a beautiful dendrological park, outside Timisoara, Bazos – yeah, I had to google it too- and it was the perfect mix of light, sweets, decor, and music, which made everyone forget about the horrid warmth during the day.
I`m a natural light wedding photographer, I use fixed lenses and I love that little out of focus, not too sharp feeling. I like sunset light and almost everything that gives me the chance to capture people in a beautiful light. As a wedding photographer, you can easily find yourself in a difficult situation during the wedding day, because not everyone is going to be able to provide you with the best sunset light or the prettiest rooms.
But once in a while, all the stars come together and you might get, if not all of the above, almost the entire package, dreamy light, fairy dresses and decor, and a bride+groom enjoying the day!

Video: Salajan (click)

Decor: Creativ Design by Kytty (click)

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