Botez Luna (Complex Millenium, Gilau)

Ok. This is going to be a blog post filled with pictures. Lots and lots of photographs, just because it was the loveliest day and I couldn`t stop taking pictures.

I met Madalina 2 years ago (actually stumbled upon her Facebook profile a few years back when I asked if I could take some portraits of her), but we didn`t meet in person only until she visited Cluj one day. We finally took the photographs and last summer she asked me if I would photograph her little baby. When she told me it`s going to be an outdoor gathering, I couldn`t be happier.

If you are a photographer and are reading this I know you`re going to be a bit jealous, we all know how badly lit some venues are, so natural sunny days are a bliss!

If you are someone who is planning a wedding/christening/any kind of event, I cannot stress enough how beautiful outdoor events are.

As a photographer who loves natural things, including people and light, this was the perfect way to spend the day, capture people relaxing, talking to each other or snuggling the little baby. What I want to say is that you shouldn`t be afraid to take a step back from the traditional and often stressful way of doing things, and just do something that you will love and actually enjoy, it`s your event too and you should never forget that.

 Satori Art & Event Design was responsible for the beautiful decorations 🙂