Bike Week in OC {Travel, 2012}

In september Ocean City hosted the Bike Week, which meant thousands of drunk american bikers, from all over the country, in a tiny summer resort by the ocean. It was crazy. Luckily, by that time I wasn`t working so many hours because the season was ending, so I got an entire day for myself. That`s why I decided to wander around the city all day long with my bike…and it ended up to be purrfect! <3

I started my day having coffee at the studios where I was working.
Brandon, one of our hangover managers, outside the studios, ready to start a new day!
SunBeach Studio, also known as my workplace.
.Georgi and Simi, working hard!
Later on, I ride my bike to the other side of the city, through hundreds of bikes. Amazing!
In the afternoon, I had some stuff to do at my other job, a beach cafe, and of course I paid a visit to Dan, who was working at the beach stands!
Later on, I took a trip to Starbucks. More bikers.
And I ended my day with Alex, I guy that I met there, also from Cluj, also in love with photography. We spent the night taking pictures and drinking beer on the beach. <3