Ligia & Cristian (After Wedding, Rimetea)

Just before you arrive at Rimetea, on your left side you start seeing this beautiful scenery, high hills that get even more beautiful and impressive as you get closer to them, and on a 2 ways road you slowly enter into this little town with old Saxon houses, green windows and red gates, an artisanal gift shop, and an old Church right in the middle of it. Everything gets even more beautiful when you start climbing and you see this little village from above. Surrounded by green hills from everywhere, an old medieval citadel far away…lays this little quiet place, barely touched by everything that is modern, with smoke coming out of the chimneys at dusk and a Church ringing bells in the evenings.  You can hear the people from the village calling each other, laughter, dogs barking and little noises that give life to this otherwise quiet place.