Ligia & Cristian (After Wedding, Rimetea)

I`m going to tell you a little story about a place dear to my heart. About how the little things sometimes pick you up and help you move on. Just like that.
A couple of years ago I had a bit of a broken heart, something everyone has been through (if not, wow, lucky you), and probably we all get through it differently. Some people act like nothing ever happened, others randomly start crying to every little corner of the street that brings back some kind of memories. I think it’s pretty clear which one was me. Amongst all of this, one day a friend of mine asked me to go with her to a rock climbing festival which was being held in a little village close to Cluj over the weekend … so I was like heck yeah, watching shirtless guys climbing rocks never hurt anyone, ay?!
Just before you arrive at Rimetea, on your left side you start seeing this beautiful scenery, high hills that get even more beautiful and impressive as you get closer to them, and on a 2 ways road you slowly enter into this little town with old Saxon houses, green windows and red gates, an artisanal gift shop, and an old Church right in the middle of it. Everything gets even more beautiful when you start climbing and you see this little village from above. Surrounded by green hills from everywhere, an old medieval citadel far away…lays this little quiet place, barely touched by everything that is modern, with smoke coming out of the chimneys at dusk and a Church ringing bells in the evenings.  You can hear the people from the village calling each other, laughter, dogs barking and little noises that give life to this otherwise quiet place.
And as I was laying there -barely alive after a steep hike- I realized I actually feel happier.
And better.
And your life is not over if you break up with someone because there are so many new things worth enjoying and sharing with someone else in the future, so instead of feeling sorry for yourself and what could have been you’d better enjoy little things like this, let go and move on.
In my case back then it was the beauty of this place, hundreds of years old, quiet but not so quiet, moving on along with everyone else.
Not always we get the things that we want, the way we want them when we want them.
Most of the times we must take detours in order to be somewhat happy.
Sometimes they are breakups and heartaches, sometimes they are arguments with friends or parents, bad days at work, failures, and fuckups.
It might take a while, but we must appreciate things like this, no matter how small they are, no matter from where or from whom they are coming from because when you actually do move on and you are in a happier place, every time you go back to them it’s like a breath of fresh air and an overall wonderful feeling.
So yeah, I remember of this every time I go back there or I hear someone talking about it.
I think of it as a lovely place that made me feel better when I wasn`t quite ok and every time I go there I feel happy.
That`s why photographing this beautiful couple and getting these images in my camera was just the perfect way to spend the first day of fall, after a busy summer where I didn`t actually get much time to go to places that make me forget about my worries and enjoy things just the way they are.
Ok, done with my ramble. I cannot wait to go there again soon, explore the village a little bit more, eat some tasty food and if someone knows how I can do some paragliding over there, please please let Raluca know. Until then be happy, enjoy the little things and maybe these photos too.