A Roadtrip to Niagra Falls {Travel, 2012}

Every trip will start in the middle of the night, with a driver that won`t show up and a car that won`t work. Oh well!
…and then the morning comes and…well, hello America!
Introducing our cute driver, Hassan…
…during a long waited stop!
…and then on the road again, enjoying the beautiful scenary of New York State, right in the middle of september.

Finally, after almost a 9h drive, we arrived at Niagra Falls, New York. Tired as hell!
Have I told you how many pretty friends I have? 😀
So here we go!
And hello there, fellow canadians!
Again, zee canadians!
Happy Lavinia, Georgi, Roxy and Monica got off the boat, haha!
These two crack me out every time I see them. Happy Roxi and Bobby!
I rarely find someone who knows how to use my camera, so that`s why cute pictures like this are out of focus! But I still love it!
Sleepy Alexandra.
Later in the evening we had dinner at Hard Rock and then headed out again to the fall, which is luminated during night time.
 And our 130$ bill.
The next day turned out to be rainy, so we just wandered for a few hours in the city, some of us almost got to Canada, and then headed back To Ocean City.
This was one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen and I consider myself really lucky that I am able to see so many places that some of us only read in the books, see them on the internet or dream to get there one day!