Madalina {Portrait, Cluj-Napoca}


Back in March (yeah, these were all taken in March) I finally met with Madalina who was staying in Cluj for a few weeks and finally had the chance to photograph her. I wrote her on Facebook a few good years back, but I never really got the chance to go to Bucharest and have time to take pictures, so when she told me she is in Cluj I was thrilled.

I was browsing through my photo shoots from his year and stumbled upon these and fell in love again with them. She is such a lovely person to photograph, very easy going and really enjoys it. So you can imagine how much I loved the results ?

Ohh, and don`t get fooled by the warm tones, it was really cold outside!

And thank you Ikea for having such lovely fake flowers. Yeah, really, if you want to get some flowers for photoshoots I recommend fake (quality) ones. They might look a bit fake in reality (though everyone is amazed of how real they look when they see them in my room) but they last longer and you can use them in many more ways than you would do with real ones. And in the end is more cost effective, they really last until the end of the current photo shoot and many more to come. For those who like to use flowers in their pictures they understand how problematic and expensive roses and any other flowers, for that matter, can be.




And some behind the scenes because I know I always like to watch them. I will try and take more from now on and post them at the end of this. I know some people might be curious of what happens behind these, I know I am!