A photograph holds a story, and I like that. Just like me, you understand that photography is about the people from the image, their stories and moments dear to them, about the beauty hidden behind little details. You choose to keep your memories authentic, just like they were when the shutter was pressed and you don`t really care about that little piece of hair that just wasn`t sitting the way it was supposed to be.
Big Smiles.
Tight hugs.
Tears of Joy.
We should work together if you like long walks on the hills or in the mountains, you like to get lost on hidden streets in the city or enjoy the waves of the sea, to discover together pretty places and take pictures. Easy, just like that.


1. I might have a natural born talent for clumsiness, so please hide your mom`s favorite china from me.
2. If I could travel all 195 countries, I would.
3. My favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls.
4. I like the little things in life, so a tent somewhere in the mountains with a few close friends is all I need.
5. I have a white furry cat named Mau, who sheds all over the place.
6. My favorite sport is swimming and I very much enjoy trekking.
7. There`s a high possibility that I could eat an entire watermelon.
8. My dream is to live in a house by a lake and enjoy my coffee every morning on the porch. And I would be happy.
9. I lBritishtish humor.
10. I still get emotional at every wedding.
11. I want to learn 4 more languages.


I didn`t discover my love for photography when I was little, on the contrary, every single time someone was trying to get a picture of me I would start crying and hide under my mom`s skirt. As a result, not so many good pictures with yours truly until the ripe age of 6.
For me, photography happened when I was in high school, trying to fit in and find something creative to do. Somehow, a camera landed in my hand, and slowly, from after class shootings with my friends in the cornfields to capturing someone`s memories forever, years passed by too quickly.


I like photographs to be natural and timeless, with a pop of color. I like people who are being themselves, appreciate little moments and people dear to them. Those photos that capture unplanned smiles and tears, that lazy cat in the corner or those flowers carefully picked out by your mother. Details that will be forever captured for you and maybe later, for your children.

I use natural light as much as I can, the sunset will always be my guilty pleasure, and those soft tones and blurry backgrounds will make your heart melt.