Cozy Home

I always wanted a cozy home, filled with light.

I get lost sometimes on Pinterest, looking at homes, places and decor, wishing I had rooms like that. I was 15 when I left home to study in a different city, and since then I never had a room that I could call mine. I stayed with relatives, rented apartments and college dorms. Some were nice, some were not so nice.

I want to make myself a little gift for Christmas, so to call it, and rearange my bedroom a little. I have a little empty corner by the window which I want to transform it in my office/desk, a place where I can get ready or be cozy while editing. I still rent the place so no big changes, especially if I`ll have to move again (which is a pain in the ass, especially if you have lots of furniture), just to make it a little homie. Across that I have my bed, which is in a serious need of a bedside table where I can put my junk on and some fairy lights. They always change the room entirely at night.

It`s a fairly spacious room, and I love the fact that the furniture that came with it has white and light wood in it. It will go prefectly with what I have in mind.

I`m looking on Ikea`s website and through some local stores to find some afforable stuff which is also practicle. I don`t want it just to be pretty, but to do what it needs to do.

Can`t wait to finish it and show you here the results! <3

I love white bedrooms and pastel ones, they look really clean and chic.




Also, the same goes for office space <3