Ada {Portrait, Cluj-Napoca}


This was a very late fall shooting, taken in collaboration with Ada and Ana (I would still mess up their names if we would do another shooting together, haha).

I knew Ana`s clothing page for a few months since a former roommate of mine ordered a skirt from her. I thought her pieces were so nice and they would fit perfectly with a few shootings that I had in mind. So I wrote her an e-mail one day, proposing a shooting, and Ana, being such a nice girl, said yes. I had some sunlit photographs in my mind, on the hills close to Cluj, but weather being weather, and the sun being the sun, kept hiding into the clouds. But, in spite of this and the cold November weather, we still managed to get some pretty nice images.

It was such a pleasure working with both of them, they are both such beautiful girls, and I cannot wait for next summer and maybe even prettier pictures.

You can check Ana`s beautiful tulle skirts at her Facebook page, Ana`s Crafty Corner:

Also, you can find Ada`s fashion blog @ The Fabric Outlook here: and here












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