Let me tell you a little about me

Hey, I`m Ralu, and I’m glad you`re here! I feel pretty awkward describing myself so I`ll try to make it short and painless for you!

I`m a wedding and lifestyle photographer, currently living in a beautiful little town right in the heart of Transylvania, called Cluj-Napoca with my adopted cat, my flatmate`s dog and a few plants that I struggle keeping alive while I`m away.

I`m kind of an outdoorsy person, I love traveling and hiking, I`d bike everywhere if I could, road trips over fancy holidays and camping over 5-star hotels.

My love for photography grew more and more over the past 10 years and right now I couldn`t see doing anything else in my life, besides taking pictures. I want to believe that photographs reflect my personality and hobbies and the other way around.

7 random things about me

I once lived in a lake house by the Atlantic Ocean for a few months. One day I hope I`ll have my own lake house where I can have coffee and yummy dinners with friends every day.

I watched the entire series of Friends more than five times and I usually listen to random episodes while I edit.

I pretty much say ‘yes’ to people with a sense of humor.

I’m an extroverted introvert, I can be all friendly and bubbly, but I like my quiet time A LOT.

I`m rather clumsy (kind of a lot).

One day I want to buy a camper van and travel, simple things make me happy.

Speaking of traveling, a few things from my bucket list is road tripping around the entire USA + Norway, living a few months in a small village in Tuscany or Provence, and climbing as many mountains as I can to enjoy sunsets and sunrises from the top.

Music is always playing somewhere in the house, on my phone or in the background. I listen to almost everything and it`s one of the best things the humankind has discovered.

My approach

I love all things natural and authentic, outdoor and intimate events over flashy ones, I like joyful and genuine people, who choose to make memories for themselves over pleasing somebody else.

I will give you directions and advice when needed, but usually you won`t even notice me since I try to document as much natural emotion as I can.

Is this you? If yes, then we`ll be a perfect match!